Julian Ruiz is the drummer for the Austin’s Holy Wave, and he also happens to be an over all sweet and hilarious dude. I was stoked to sit down and chat with him a while back in my ridiculously cold house to talk shop about life as a touring musician, stylistic influences, the importance of the British masters and more.

Holy Wave – Magic Landing
Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When
Total control – Love Performance
Hidden Ritual – Dusty Dagger
Stereolab – Olv 26
Felt – Fortune
Belong – Perfect Life
Cleaners From Venus – Corridor Of Dreams
Broadcast – Come On Let’s Go
The Wake – Melancholy Man

This week’s Episode of the Elevated Transmissions Podcast is with Phil Pirrone of the LA based band JJUUJJUU. Phil is also the wizard behind the Desert Daze festival who just released this year’s line up with some amazing acts including Iggy Pop, Spiritualized, Ty Segall, Sleep and more. I chatted with Phil via Skype on his birthday and we discussed the festival, multitasking, his upcoming record ‘Zionic Mud’ and more. Hope you dig it!

The Hykkers – I want A Break Thru
The Stooges – 1969
BEAK – Sex Music
Portishead – We Carry On
Suuns – Paralyzer
Sleep – Dragonaut
Clinic – The Second Line
Boogarins – Foimal
Can – I Want More
Funkadelic – Hit It And Quit It

This week’s Elevated Transmissions Podcast is with Pat McDonald (and his dog Theo)of the San Francisco based rock n roll group Cool Ghouls. This is part two for the Pat Vs. Pat interviews. This episode was recorded and edited a while back so apologies for the delay but I just saw The Cool Ghouls at this great little festival I played in Nor Cal called Death Stock and man, they just keep getting better and better. If you get a chance pick up their new record ‘Animal Races’ out now on Empty Cellar Records. On this episode Pat and I talk rock n roll history, folk tradition, the Vietnam war and more.

Labi Siffre – Crying Laughing Loving Lying
Jimmy Carter & Dallas County Green – A Night Of Love
Elmore James – Dust My Broom
Ray Charles – What Am I Living For
Shadows Of Knight – WIllie Jean
Canned Heat – Poor Moon
Gary Stewart – She’s Actin’ Single
Clara Rockmore – The Swan
Glen Campbell – Roll Me Easy
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose – Too Late To Turn Back Now

Back in full effect! This week’s ET Podcast is with Sleepy Sun’s frontman, Bret Constantino. I’ve known Bret for a few years from being around SF. I think I actually met him while we were both on mushrooms after a Black Angles show at The Fillmore, ha! Bret’s a great dude and we had an awesome time discussing the strange evolution of technology, getting robbed on tour, the cycles of music consumption and other cool topics. Hope you enjoy it!

Sleepy Sun – It’s Up To You
Alice Coltrane – Huntington Ashram Monastery
Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy – Your Hard Work Is About To Pay Off, Keep On Keeping On
JJ Cale – Crazy Mama
Sun Araw – Deep Temple
Guided By Voices – Weed King
A Place To Bury Strangers – Deeper
John Carpenter – Escape From New York Theme
Dire Straights – Water Of Love
Paul Simon – Oh, Marion
Roy Orbison – In Dreams
Jon Hassell – Toucan Ocean

Zapot Mgawi is the Earthly band leader of Austin’s psychedelic funk group the Golden Dawn Arkestra. GDA was recently asked to curate a night for the upcoming Levitation parties in Austin May 4th-6th so I figured it would be a good look to sit down with Zapot and talk shop. This is probably one of my favorite podcasts, not only are Zapot’s selections right up my ally but he’s also a really interesting and funny dude. I really had a great time with this one, so I hope that y’all enjoy it!

Todd Terje – Preben Goes to Acapulco
William Onyeabor- Fantastic Man
Deodato – Skatin’
Rob – Make It Fast, Make It Slow
Jingo – Fever
La Femme – Le vide est ton nouveau prénom
Piero Piccioni – Chains of Love
Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis
Yusef Lateef – Back Home
Ennio Morricone – Metti una sera a cena
Pauline Oliveros – Horse Sings From Cloud

This week’s episode of The Elevated Transmissions Podcast is with Kristina Esfandiari, the front woman of King Woman from San Francisco, California. Recently relocated to New York, King Woman make heavy yet ethereal, psychedelic doom metal. I met Kristina a few years back via the Internet when she was just starting the King Woman project (little did we know we were basically neighbors in SF at the time). Having seen it evolve over the years from a solo act to a fully formed band, it’s really amazing how far they’ve come. Their new record ‘Created in the Image of Suffering’ is out now on Relapse records and is incredible, so show them some love!

King Woman – Eutopia
George Jones – The Grand Tour
Richard Kennedy – Open Wound
The Great Unwashed – Born In The Wrong Time
El Chicano – Sabor a Mí
Weird Womb – 7 And 7 Is (Love Cover)
The Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito #1
Frank Ocean – Chanel
The Gun Club – Carry Home
Spiritual Cramp – All My Friends Are Out Tonight (Alright)
Fleetwood Mac – I’m So Afraid

Andrew O’Neil is a friend of mine from San Francisco who plays bass in the amazing Prog god outfit Mondo Drag. He also keeps busy with other project Niveles, his awesome post rock band that he fronts and plays guitar in. Andrew and I linked up in SF and talked about him touring with and sharing a bus with Pentagram, skateboarding influencing our music tastes early on and how the perfect combinations of influences in music can lead to compelling results.

True Widow – O.O.T.P.V.
Nocturnal Habits – New Skin
Marbled Eye – Primrose
Royal Headache – Stand And Stare
Creations Unlimited – Crystal Illusions
Ultimate Spinach – Sacrifice Of The Moon
Lush – Lit Up
The Cure – Disintegration
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – BBF3
Unwound – Kantina/Were Are And Was Or Is (Peel Sessions)

Joey Cook is the guitarist (mostly) for Austin based ‘psych gaze’ (yeah, made that up) band, Holy Wave. I met Joey a few years back in Europe when I had to hop in the van with Holy Wave to do a couple shows together. Let me tell you, there’s no better way to get to know someone then to spend a few days on tour with them.
Joey’s definitely one of the funniest, sweetest guys I know, as are all the Holy Wave dudes, and I hope to have them all on the podcast as often as possible. Joey and I recently got way too stoned at my place and talked about our formative years in music, the health benefits of being lazy and the concepts of smooth versus stinky. Also, I turned my mic off for a good 10 minutes during the early part of the podcast, so good luck with that! :/

Beak – Spinning Top
Total Control – Scene From A Marriage
David Bowie – John, I’m Only Dancing
Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary
John Maus – And The Rain
Jack Name – Waiting For Another Moon
Blouse – In A Glass
Cocteau Twins – Amelia
Hidden ritual – Judy
MGMT – Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger Remix)

This week on the Elevated Transmissions Podcast we have Austin,Texas singer/songwriter Ryan Sambol. I met Ryan a few years back in SF when he was in the amazing garage rock band, The Strange Boys. Since the group disbanded Ryan has been busy putting out great solo work as well as a side project: Living Grateful. We were a little crunched for time, so I met up with Ryan at my house in Austin just as he was getting ready to leave for a West Coast tour. We did have a great time though. Talking about adapting back into the touring mind frame, the history and cycles of American music and the beauty of knowing a name.


Tim Presley – Morris
The Impressions – Keep On Pushing (Single Version)
Harry Nilsson – I’ll Be Home
Duke Ellington & Coleman Hawkins
John Lennon – Nobody Love You (When You’re Down and Out)
The Beatles – In My Life
Tom Waits – New Year’s Eve
Harry Nilsson – So Long Dad
Harry Nilsson – Living Without You
Brian Eno – On Some Faraway Beach

In this episode of The Elevated Transmissions Podcast I sit down with Pat Thomas of San Francisco, cosmic rock n roll band, Cool Ghouls. These guys are steady putting out pure California gold! Prospectors searching for lost nuggets of Crazy Horse, The Byrds & early Dead. Pat and I caught up while in SF to record the first half of a two part series I’ve Deemed “The Pat Vs. Pat Episodes”. Being that The Ghouls have 2 members named Pat, short hair Pat and long hair Pat (it get’s confusing), I figured it would be amusing to pit them against each other in a musical grudge match to the death!

All Jokes aside, Cool Ghouls are one of my favorite Bay Area bands and I was so stoked to have them included on the Pet Sounds tribute record we did with Reverberation Appreciation Society last year. They have a new record out now on Empty Cellar Records titled ‘Animal Races’, so do yourself a favor and check that out! Pat and I had a great time discussing potential polarity shifts, reluctantly finding beauty in The Eagles and other pressing topics. Stay tuned for part 2 of the “Pat Vs. Pat” Episodes with, Pat McDonald!

-Al Lover

Tom Tom Club – L’elephant
Chico Hamilton – Man From Two Worlds
Cass McCombs – Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Aurthur Russell – I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face
Funkadelic – If You Don’t Like The Effects, Don’t Produce The Cause
Natural Child – It’s A Shame My Store Isn’ Open
John Coltrane – My Favorite Things
Fairport Convention – Time Will Show The Wiser
Mothers Of Invention – King Kong (Suite)
John Lennon – Bring On The Lucie (Freda People)

Check out Cool Ghouls new record ‘Animal Races’ here –

Aaron Diko is a San Francisco Musician, Synth enthusiast and part of the emerging group DDCT with Burnt Ones members Mark Tester and Landon Caldwell. Aaron was in the SF band POW! but is now focused on more ambient vibes and other collaborative work. We sat down while I was in SF and talked about repetition, drone and the possibilities of finding deeper meaning in the act of listening. Hella deep.

Ruth – Polaroid / Roman / Photo
Paul McCartney – Frozen Jap
Kate Bush – Wurthering Heights
Omar Khorshid – Ommil Habiba
Damaged Bug – Der Mond
39 Clocks – Dom (Electricity Elects The Rain)
Spectrum – Take Your Time
Joshua Abrams – By Way of Odessa
Brian Eno – I’m Set Free

This episode of The Elevated Transmissions Podcast is with Bay Area musician and multi instrumentalist, Dylan Edrich. Dylan’s been in the bay for around 8 years and has played on albums by Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Sonny & The Sunsets and more. She was in The Mallard and The Spyrals and now is part of the band Hvvmid.

We took some time to sit down with 10 songs she’s been into lately and discussed what it was like being in san Francisco during the garage rock boom, our love of pre war era old time music, and beauty of music being perceived by the listener in his or her own way.

The Elevated Transmissions Podcast is back with a new format, y’all! While wondering the planet, I’ve met my fair share of incredible human beings. I decided to start reaching out to folks doing interesting things and ask them to curate a 10 song playlist of their current favorite tracks. I wanted the music to provide a base for conversation, stories, wisdom, comedy, tragedy, and all the rest. The point being to share and learn about music the old fashioned way, with human interaction, exchange and more often then not a couple roaches in the ashtray.

Episode 006 of The Elevated Transmissions Podcast is with Matt Jones. Matt is one third of the amazing Castle Face record label, founder of “weirdo punk” band Male Gaze and an over all good dude. I sat down with Matt in San Francisco and we discussed some of his current favorite jams a week or so after the 2016 election results were in. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments and let us know what you think!!!

Check out what Matt’s up to below……


In the final episode of the 5 part “Pet Sounds” edition of the Elevated Transmissions Podcast, Al Lover talks with Christian Bland and Alex Maas of The Black Angels. They discuss the influence of Brian Wilson on the band in their formative years and the effect of Pet Sounds on their overall approach to making music. Al also reveals the new concept of the podcast moving into 2017. Stay tuned!!!

This episode of ‘Elevated Transmissions’ is with LA based band, Cosmonauts. We talk about their participation in the Pet Sounds Tribute compilation, The Beach Boys influence in their music, their drummer Mark’s conception to the song Kokomo and other foolishness.

This episode of ‘Elevated Transmissions’ is with Oakland based Surf / Girl Group inspired Rock ‘n Roll band Shannon & The Clams. We talk about their participation in the Pet Sounds Tribute compilation I helped put together, Brian Wilson’s influence in their music, the abstract measures they took in recording their version of “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”, Soundgarden, mental institutions, and more.

Al and Chris talk about the historic importance of Pet Sounds and what it was like to tackle such a renowned album. Chris gives away some of his own recording secrets that he used when he recorded “God Only Knows” for the RAS’s Pet Sounds tribute. Chris also explains how Teen Wolf and the Beach Boys are connected.

Al talks to Kyle and Dustin from Holy Wave. They discuss what it’s like covering an album like Pet Sounds and their own personal connections to the album as well. They also explain how John Stamos reunited the Beach Boys.